• BrightonSEO April 2023

    Hey all!Just a quick note re: the next BrightonSEO, April 2023. I’ll attend the conference on both Thursday and Friday, very much looking forward to it and hoping I’ll meet you all there!

  • <3

    It’s been a while since my last post.In the meantime I had quite a bit of vacation (shit, Yucatán is AMAZING) and I had a lot of stuff to write, batteries fully recharged, ideas galore, both on marketing and on actually useful stuff like what kinds of pizza are really worth a try in Mexico.I […]

  • To have a reason

    I was just finished interviewing someone, and something struck me. What is one’s why is not important per se. What is important, is at least to have one. We were talking work then, but this is true in general. This one person got me an answer I was not expecting at all. ‘Why do you […]

  • New job, new life

    It’s been a while! A lot happened to me in the last few months, so much so that 1) I now struggle to put in line exactly what it is that I should probably write about and 2) I really had the feeling that I was not going to write about anything at all, because […]

  • On Simone Biles, and being OK with being a loser

    On Simone Biles, and being OK with being a loser

    There’s been a lot of talking about Simone Biles withdrawing from several events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (maybe all, the events are under way as I write). And of course, a lot of ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY chit chat on social media. Well, here’s a couple of ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY POINTS from me too. Point one: a […]

  • There I go, tossing words around again

    Just back from my first trip back home to Sardinia for the first time in two years, couldn’t be happier. I’ve kept complete radio silence pretty much on all media, no regrets at all – if anything, I highly recommend it! Anyway, whilst I was probably on the beach sipping Ichnusas, the wonderful Mordy Oberstein […]

  • On Roberto Baggio and accepting failure.

    On Roberto Baggio and accepting failure.

    Roberto Baggio was not the greatest footballer of all times. Let me say it straight away: many nostalgic Italians, very used to magnificent defenders and goalies, but mediocre forwards, consider him in the top 10 ever at least – they are just wrong. I understand them, but cannot objectively agree. However, this is only partially […]

  • Sure, let’s celebrate Italian fascism on Twitter, why not

    Looks like a great idea, surely most responses will be positive. You gotta tweet something right!? So the Italian Marina Militare (the Navy) (yeah I mean, the Official Navy of the Italian state) posted a couple of tweets, such as this one (see pic) in which they celebrate WWII attacks to Greece. Let’s set up […]

  • So I’m here on the sofa in my PJ

    And I just found out that my team won an International Content award @ the European Content Awards event, held tonight. As I said, I can live without awards really: but honestly seeing the growth of the people involved in the process really makes me happy. Kudos to them. I know now more than ever […]

  • -isms, part 1: the ‘whoever your favourite human being is’ paradox

    There’s been some (but not enough) talking in Italy, in the last week, because not one, not two, but three different shows on national television (Rai) were based on the trope ‘sexual assault that was faked by the victim’. Many associations complained, but the conversation never really broke through to the really ‘decisional’ areas of […]