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“All my life, I have been fed apples from that tree. I was told it was the only tree worth eating from. Every day, whether it was in school or in the church, someone would arrive with a basket, and I would take what they offered. Today a similar basket lays in front of me, full of apples I’ve been saving so to take a closer inspection.

Check those apples for me would you? Why so worried? Surely if they are good, there is nothing to worry about. You’ve heard of the Italian who was punished for checking, you say? I understand. I will do it myself.

There are too many in there to check one by one. I shall take them all out and only place back in the basket the ones that are certifiably good! I think the Italian might have been onto something, they all look rotten! I must check closer. I refuse to accept that they are all bad!

Ah, there is one. That will do. Perhaps the seeds can be used to grow more good apples…”

Here, and specifically here (on Descartes).

Some food for thought really:

To-read list: Start with why

Wellll, I’d say a good way to start off might be by writing about books. Someday I’ll dig on the reasons why, but I don’t really like books about SEM or marketing or linguistics or whatever. Books are supposed to make you think about stuff, without actually having to tell you what to think.

That is, I prefer to read fiction, find it more instructive.

Nevertheless, here’s a book that’s changed the way I think about web marketing, marketing as a whole, and life at large.

The book is the well known “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. It’s pretty old I know (2009), Simon wrote others afterwards, with pretty much the same philosophy: go ahead and pick any!

(yes, affiliation freaks, I’m linking Goodreads :* )

Let me explain briefly why and how it changed the way I think about the others, and the web, and especially myself.

First of all: when I started I used to think I had to make myself the best. That was not entirely negative, since it pushed me into studying more and more and overtaking obstacles, as one does. But the book helped me understand that the real shit would’ve been to take other people, and make them the best. That I’d have felt much better if I had started to give something back.

Also, as you might’ve guessed, I’m perfectly aware that (as my friend and mentor Donatella says), it’s not like we’re saving lives, this is only marketing. I mean, web marketing! Take a look at the big picture, how unimportant is that!? Once you realise this, where do you get the drive to become a better marketer/person? The way, as wonderfully explained in the book, is to find your reason why. I thought a lot about it, and found it. Won’t say mine though, you’ve got to figure it out by yourself damn it!

Lastly, it taught me to (partially) re-think my embargo on essays and papers and everything business-related. Marketing is nothing but psychology, if you think of the user as a person. Hey this sounds good, let me use those fancy inverted commas of WP’s!

Marketing is nothing but psychology, if you think of the user as a person

So if we finally stop to treat people as money-carriers, then I’m interested! Now I know that it’s not only because I work in marketing, that I must be the devil and should be stopped (which is often the case).


It’s a short book (but then again, I’m a fantasy literature lover you know, they all seem short to me), so no excuses.

I highly suggest it as n°1 in your to-read list.

Oh before I forget, to wrap it up a little bit and understand what the topic is, Simon also spoke @ TED, and this is the video that led me to the book. Check it out!


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