It’s been a while since my last post.
In the meantime I had quite a bit of vacation (shit, Yucatán is AMAZING) and I had a lot of stuff to write, batteries fully recharged, ideas galore, both on marketing and on actually useful stuff like what kinds of pizza are really worth a try in Mexico.
I had stuff to write for miles, I swear.

Then, a person I know told me they want to go back to Ukraine, they MUST, because their children are there, and any counter-arguments about how dangerous it was, would just go in one ear and out the other like in a cartoon.
And yeah, I understood that nothing matters. Nothing is important.
There are people who take airplanes from London to return to Ukraine in vain because their children are being bombed in the face, ergo everything I do and say is irrelevant.

The thing that makes me think is, the worst effect that this situation causes is that a lot of smart people will think, say ‘there you go, you see, the European Union is useless because we need MORE weapons, MORE soldiers, MORE army’. Without an army, you can’t defend yourself from bullies! Army, army, army.

Fuck armies, fuck weapons, fuck borders. And fuck bullies.