New job, new life

It’s been a while!

A lot happened to me in the last few months, so much so that 1) I now struggle to put in line exactly what it is that I should probably write about and 2) I really had the feeling that I was not going to write about anything at all, because I had too much to write. Not that anyone cares, since this blog is but for future-Enrico, but anyway.

So first of all, I left Blue Array back in August. Those who know me, and I’ve spoken to during the first half of the year, know the whys and hows and it’s not really worth going back on the things that did not really work for me over there; I’d rather consider, and it’s easy to do since they are quite clear in my head, all of the good things that happened to me-and these, all things considered, have everything to do with some (not all) of the people in my team. With some of them I’ve built a relationship that goes well beyond the workplace, really strong bonds as far as I’m concerned that will last forever and are really worth the world to me. Gratitude, is what I feel. Like a buddy of mine moved on to another agency, with a promotion included, and is going to run a webinar on International SEO next month or so, and I’m so proud. Doesn’t get any better than that, really.

So after that there’s been the Blue Array Summer Bash, which was the first time of me meeting a lot of the people, and all of them for at least 18 months, so it was great: it was also my last day there.

I needed to move on, and two things were in my ‘dream job’ scenario: I thought that my role had to be a head of SEO one, and I would’ve liked it to be in house. Both of these actually happened, as I joined Raketech. I was not particularly looking at the iGaming industry, and the one thing that really made me decide without any second thoughts is how much I liked the three people who interviewed me. It was very clear that they liked me, too, which is important: I’ve done dozens of interviews, and found that the best thing to do is really to be who you are. That way, you’ll be sure that people are willing to hire you, not someone else.

So I’ve started now and it’s quite confusing, but I can also see that I can make a great job, bringing my more ‘agency’ experience in a different context. Really a lot of possibilities and interesting stuff to do. Let’s see what comes of it, I’m very positive, curious, and enthusiastic.