There I go, tossing words around again

Just back from my first trip back home to Sardinia for the first time in two years, couldn’t be happier. I’ve kept complete radio silence pretty much on all media, no regrets at all – if anything, I highly recommend it!

Anyway, whilst I was probably on the beach sipping Ichnusas, the wonderful Mordy Oberstein went online with the new instalment of his The SEO Rant! podcast, featuring yrstruly.

We go on a rant about ethics, the need to create a better online environment, and the responsibilities we have as content creators. Check it out on the SEO Rant website, I’ll embed the Spotify widget down here. Oh and I also want to mention the EnRic&Mordy pun, of which I’m superproud.

Ps. I solemnly swear that Mordy did not pay me for those two links (yet 😬 )