How can the Coventry Uni Digital Marketing postgrads be better than me at Digital Marketing?

I mean, I’ve been doing this for 10 years. More like 11-when it was less that ten, I’d say ten to look better, now that it’s more than that I still say 10 to look younger lol

But anyway.

While Contrapoints is playing Oblivion live on YT on the background, not really sure why, I recognise how much my priorities have changed in the last couple of months-I actually think it’s of course an ongoing process, so in the last few months they must’ve change exactly as they would have changed in any other time Delta in my life: I guess it’s just that the direction has changed, indeed. I’m growing more and more aware and conscious of the power I have as a cis white EU man with a decent salary and a loving-enough family and friends I can talk to. A roof. A stable enough braind (someone made up the phrase ‘very stable genius’ I remember, with which one might not want to identify oneself).

Anyway, the point is: I am now in the process of trying to understand how I can better use what I have to help other people. Is it for altruistic reasons? Or is it for some aynrand-ish egoistic reasons (I do good to others only because it makes ME feel better)? Sticazzi, I don’t care. If one changes the universe for the better, how can that be wrong right? I don’t personally think the latter position is even maintainable at all, but that’s a whole other story.

So, what is it that I have?

I have some things that everyone have: helping an old lady cross the street is something anyone can do. What do I have, that is special and only some people can offer? Well for one, I have a (very modest) amount of money I can share with people, which is something not everyone can say. I have some musical knowledge, but I wouldn’t say I can teach that (maybe a bit, like being able to distinguish between the only two types of music there are: good one, and bad one. Might post about in the future, dunno). But I surely have a wealth of Digital Marketing knowledge that I can share. Better say, I MUST share.

When I started, I moved to an unknown country (Estonia <3) with just a big bag and no knowledge at all about anything worth mentioning-well, I was a kickass Holy Priest in WoW, but that’s beside the point. Someone brought me there, gave me shelter, taught me some basics, gave me a salary to stay all day in front of the computer, which is barely even a real job right? So without any rights I took profit of it and kicked off with no merits at all, besides being curious and having friends. As Arnie would say, much wiser man than he’s given credit for: there’s no such thing as a self-made person. The people around you will always make the difference, and thus it was for me.

So teaching. Sharing stuff. I know A LOT about a very minor, unimportant, little slice of human knowledge, which more importantly is a bit of knowledge that people can make a career out of: so maybe one person can earn a living through a job they like, and maybe I can help them achieve that.
I want to repost something I wrote on LinkedIn yesterday:

So yesterday I’ve joined a few talented postgrad guys from Coventry University [their site] to discuss some great projects they are creating. I think we’ve all had a good time-for one, I certainly did.

Reflecting about it, this makes me happy and humbles and astonishes me for several reasons:
1) If only one of the stupid feedback I gave will be useful for only one of them to think about, I’ve done the greatest thing I can possibly do with my knowledge right now.
2) These guys are SMART. I mean, I was not like that when I was their age! I was probably screwing around and not knowing where to go and wasting my time; and to think that they think that they can learn from ME…wow
3) The walks of life of people from all over the world! Getting to know someone who wants to be a musician, or an influencer, or sell their own creations online-or even witnessing the magnificence of the decisional process of people who are still choosing where to go in their life, and have all the skill to kick ass whatever they choose.

It’s amazing, loved every bit of it so thank you Vani Aul.

So that’s it, nothing special. I’m humbled by the thought that I can have an impact on the life of a person from the other side of the world. We have absolutely nothing in common, except absolutely everything that we are as humans, and our lives touch for a few minutes and will probably never meet again. I think of how incredible this is, of how little a cog I am in the glorious process of evolution of the human race. As an atheist I don’t believe in miracles, but I do believe in miracle-like improbability-this kind of interactions put me in direct contact with this idea, and make me feel that in the grand scheme of things humans are indeed evolving, in the long long run, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, and in 1,000 the world will be better, everybody will be happy, and knowledgeable, and able to live life as they want.

Meanwhile Natalie ate a burger in live stream and looks quite drunk. I’d like to be that level of brave, someday.

Soundtrack: End of forever by Samsara Blues Experiment