Turns out I can’t quite speak about philosophy in Italian

Not that I can in English either, honestly. But this is something interesting that’s happening: I know all the SEO mumbo-jumbo in my native language, and can talk about that easily: but one thing I noticed is, I’ve got a whole area of knowledge – no matter how small the latter is relative to the field – that I’ve always studied in English: philosophy, psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and that sort of stuff. I’ve been reading exclusively in English for like, what, the last 6/7/8 years, and all I read about these topics I did in this period. I am literally missing words. Or better, I do have the words, but I miss the jargon.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be called to speak about SEO at the Web Marketing Festival, Italy’s largest event on digital, technology, and such. They probably were not expecting a partly-philosophical speech, but hey that’s what I do – what I like. I think there’s plenty of people better than me at talking case studies and empirical evidence: I like deductive reasoning and asking questions (also, I believe the industry as a whole would benefit from being more challenging of the status quo). But anyway.

It was great, I was introduced by my compatriot Sardinian Filippo, whom I remember being one of the speakers at the very same conference, back in 2006 (maybe? Not sure about the date tbh) when I attended. So it was great to think that I am now even at the same level of wonderful professionals such as him. Boosts my spirit 🙂 I can’t even begin to describe how hard it must be to create and manage a digital agency in the midst of Sardinia, it sure takes courage and talent.

I mention him because he’s Sardu, but actually the whole host of SEOs and marketers around the event is (always has been) absolutely amazing, so kudos to my buddies Angelo, Cosmano, Vito, and Giorgio for managing to build such an amazing platform over the years.

Anyway, I had to rush the final part of my deck because it was taking a bit longer than expected, and in hindsight I reckon it’s because of the language. I’ll consider it next time – but overall, it was great! 😊

Soundtrack: Discovery by fox capture plan

Heard this on the Panpsycast, can’t quite get it out of my head

“All my life, I have been fed apples from that tree. I was told it was the only tree worth eating from. Every day, whether it was in school or in the church, someone would arrive with a basket, and I would take what they offered. Today a similar basket lays in front of me, full of apples I’ve been saving so to take a closer inspection.

Check those apples for me would you? Why so worried? Surely if they are good, there is nothing to worry about. You’ve heard of the Italian who was punished for checking, you say? I understand. I will do it myself.

There are too many in there to check one by one. I shall take them all out and only place back in the basket the ones that are certifiably good! I think the Italian might have been onto something, they all look rotten! I must check closer. I refuse to accept that they are all bad!

Ah, there is one. That will do. Perhaps the seeds can be used to grow more good apples…”

Here, and specifically here (on Descartes).

Some food for thought really:

Beh, è passato un bel po’ di tempo…

…dall’ultima volta che ho parlato di SEO in Italiano. Ed eccola qua, l’occasione:

Il mio speech al Web Marketing Festival 2020, col solito titolo rilassato e per niente borioso

Programma della sala seo al Web Marketing Festival 2020.

Sabato 21 Novembre parlerò al Web Marketing Festival, e sarà più che un appuntamento di lavoro per me. Da un lato, conosco personalmente alcuni dei ragazzi che organizzano questo (e altri) eventi in tutta Italia, da anni: Cosmano, Angelo, Vito, Giorgio, e gentaglia del genere. Ma principalmente, ciò che genera emozione è il pensiero che è proprio qui che, anni fa (2012, tipo), appena tornato in Italia, giovane (…’somma) SEO pieno di speranze, cominciavo a frequentare il mondo dei convegni di settore, conoscendo esperti e amici, e imparando a parlare di quello che mi piace fare davanti ad altri. Ho visto JoMu himself, Fiorelli, Quadrella, il rapper, Monari, un sacco di gente interessantissima e da cui ho appreso un sacco.

Nel corso degli anni, ho seguito 3 o 4 eventi GT tra Rimini, Milano, e Roma. Che bello, adesso, pensare che magari qualcuno sentirà me e penserà “ah beh, se è così allora magari ce la posso fare anch’io!”.

Insomma, sono felicissimo di partecipare, e condividerò il mio pensiero a proposito del collegamento tra Post-strutturalismo e gerarchia dei siti web, passando per IA e funzionamento del cervello umano. Spero di riuscire a farlo al meglio, in una lingua diversa dall’inglese (ormai mi sono abituato, che ci posso fare). Ad ogni modo, sono sicuro che ci metterò tutto quello che ho.

Non ho ancora un orario definitivo, ma vedremo. A presto! <3