Blue Array Academy SEO Course

In the past few months I’ve been lucky enough as to be part of an incredibly interesting project. The Blue Array Academy is an online video course that covers pretty much all there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation, from the basics to more advanced stuff.

I am probably the one who’s had the best return with the least investment, if compared with my Blue Array colleagues: some of them dedicated A LOT of effort into this project, much more than yrstrly, and all I can do is praise them.

Now the project is out there, the course accessible to the public, and a lot of people are displaying with pride their certificates on social media. And rightfully so! The course is very long, thorough, and hard. Well nothing is hard if you like doing it, I suppose  🤷🙂

This is the official site:

The course is FREE for as long as we are stuck in our homes for the pandemic, sitting by the computer learning stuff. So, unless you are out driving somewhere to test your eyesight, do go ahead and try it out!

Anyway, you’ll find me in the International SEO module, with a thick-as-a-brick accent, a few jokes, and quite some good tips for web marketers working on international channels.

Oh and let me add, 1) the academy is a CPD member and 2) we are not done yet! Indeed, there’ll be plenty of new, special modules with some amazing superstar guests! Can’t wait to reveal some of them, as soon as I know more 😊