It’s been a long time (since I rock n rolled)


Also, it’s been a long time since I spoke at an SEO event!

Last time I got the opportunity to show how much I love what I do by talking about SEO in front of strangers, I did it in Italian. A lifetime ago.

Apparently someone didn’t know any better than inviting me to talk at the biggest free SEO event in London. Just to make it exciting for everyone else as it’s going to be for me, I had to come up with a cryptic title for my speech:

Post-Aristosomething representation of reality, and websites

There’ll be beer and pizza (yeah, really) and some amazing speakers like Victoria Olsina and others for which I am under a severe NDA. What happened is Obama was to be there, but he was intimidated by the two names already out and will skip this one: therefore, the next two speakers will be announced later in February.

The topic of my speech stems from my interest in AI, in how the brain works, and some other unexpected (I hope) fields of knowledge.

Quite excited and looking for a way to keep my knees steady like for every other speech I, and I guess everyone else, ever gave. As far as I am concerned, though, this one will be special: it’s the first time I come up with such a very personal idea, and get to talk about it in front of a bunch of people. It’s a theory I’ve been brewing for years, strolling about with Gabriele and Nico by W’s pool, or discussing with the BA gang.

I love how it makes sense in my brain: hope it will for other people, too. I will publish an article to sum it up on this blog, and will develop it in due time. So it’s not a speech like any other speech I could give, because it’s very personal and I love it. See you there!

Soundtrack: Stranger Heads Prevail by Thank you Scientist