Sites that should be secure, but are not

FYI, it’s 2020 (twentytwenty). These are some websites with no HTTPS, as of today. Why? Dunno. Madlads!? Senility!? seriously? smh, the number one Italian news outlet

Shopify ( oh come on you guys!!

MIT ( something to do with old age I guess? is the OFFICIAL Italian Tourism Website (I mean, it’s not like tourism is important at all, for us) and are the OFFICIAL sites of the administrative region Campania, and of the city of Naples. I will not link it here, but it’s easy to find illegally downloaded/downloadable PDFs of books, on the let me repeat it OFFICIAL Napoli site-for no reason I can think of. Brilliant. Well as well, and I could bet a quid or two on more official Italian websites not having the feature because, you know, Italians…

BTW, I reckon the .gov tld makes for some security by itself, but might want to try harder. Nevada and their, as well as Wyoming (, make the list too.

I’ll update this, feel free to suggest more.

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