Hi, my name is Enrico and I’m a musicaholic

This year I didn’t beat my 2018 record (damn JOB! 😀 ).

Still, I got to listen to some good new stuff. OK so this is something I’ve been wanting to say for ages:

Thank You Spotify

everyone, yrstruly included

There I said it, put me on r/hailcorporate idc. There, get your link too, Spotify.

It’s not easy for someone like me to find new music, and I thought I’d NEVER again find new, cool music. Until 2013.

Oh and also: when f***in Sony or f***in Justin Taylor Swiftotune Trap complain about Spotify, it feels even better. The more they complain, the more money I wish I could pay to Spotify.

Yeah I’m aware of all the low-shares-for-small-bands thing: I don’t care. I think you are wrong. In fact, I personally listen to bands whose fandom is absolutely MILES away from me, and it’s a lot of the music I listen to, and I’d never even know they existed if it wasn’t for Spotify. So yeah I love it.

For instance, I’d never know BtBaM. Love it \m/

Artist of the decade. In fact, they were my top of the year both in 2015 (Coma Ecliptic) and in 2018 (Automata I and II)

These are my top artists of 2019:

Not a bad year re: new stuff: Tool for one, with all the stuff finally online and Fear Inoculum. New good stuff by Opeth, the best they’ve made in years Good enough by Soen (but I expected more honestly). Dream Theater is now the musical equivalent of your grandpa who kicked ass when you were a kid, but now you feel ashamed for him when he drools while asleep at the Christmas dinner table. Just go home guys. Periphery. Devin Townsend. Rendevous point. Disappointing Hemina. Baroness did their thing, which I love, but played it safe. Bent Knee, Uneven Structure: let’s see them next time.

Nothing outworldly though, now that I think about it. Maybe Leprous did the best. But the latest released album that changed my life is Pain of Salvation, 2017. No one got quite there, since.

There it is, waiting for 2020: Pitfalls, by Leprous