Yo LinkedIn, what’s the matter with you

So I’m often on LinkedIn, it is actually the very only social medium I use. Well that and Reddit, which is not really entirely a SM after all.

And yeah I do like it, LinkedIn, and it is useful, and I do manage to avoid all the merda (now that’s an innovative way to censor oneself ain’t it) that makes up most of other social media.
Not to talk about the “bubble” thing (you, through choice or algorithms, tend to always see the side of the coin that you want to see, limiting your vision of the world).

Still, I’m not entirely happy with LinkedIn. I am trying to understand why, because in other cases I’ve had no regrets in quitting other similar platforms (see FB), which I don’t want to in this case. I’ve spent years on LinkedIn, but cannot quite say that I love it. I use it, rather. It’s useful.
And the reason I don’t love it, is the way people tend to behave there.

There’s no discussion, no proposal, no self-exposure, ever: it is always and only self-absorbed people complimenting themselves, or even worse their friends, or worst of all complimenting influencers of any nature or followers-magnitude. People don’t want to screw up their (supposed) image of perfection by stating anything, ever, of any use. And honestly, I feel it too: it is way easier to judge then to actually do. In Italy we say: you only miss a penalty if you kick one. So for every one interesting piece of content, there’s ten posts of compliments.

It is a continuous obnoxious complimenting your fellows so that maybe they’ll answer. Most of the times, you do not really even know them. You went to an event were Rand was brought in for a speech. You framed a quote by Richard on top of your loo. You read yet another article by Avinash. Now all of a sudden you feel like you really really have to go like “Oh [influencer X] you were so INSPIRING in your [speech X/post Y]!”. And you only do it in order to have them get back to you, hoping to have some of their fame partially transferred to you like the sun’s light on the moon. Most of the content on LinkedIn is honking your own horn or giving way more credit than deserved to people you know. Now this, I find very sad. Not only, I find it very much useless.

LinkedIn’s become an onanistic spammy place, and it’s a pity.

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